February Half Term Camp

We had a very successful half term camp where several dance school children attended the days activities.

The day starts at 9am, where children come in, meet the others and get themselves ready and settled.

Around half past 9, we go round each child introducing themselves and one interesting fact about them. Moving on to a game, usually Chinese whispers which gets all the children familiar and have some laughs at the very start.

We play a couple of others games, depending on the children's choices before tucking into some brunch.

Following food, we play sleeping lions to settle the stomachs and then can exercise safely.

At around midday, I buddy the older ones with the younger ones, ready to take a walk around the village green. It's a great bit of exercise and fresh air, and the weather was exceptional, so a little feast of chip shop chips on the green was a great idea.

Finally heading back to an hour and a half of dancing, learning new choreography and a chance for the older students to work and assist their younger buddy companions with the routines.

The day is jam packed until around 2.45pm where children help clear away any rubbish and gather belongings ready for pick up at 3pm.

We really enjoy our camps as our teams train on different days and the children are introduced to fellow SEDA members who they would not come across on a weekly basis.

It allows us to build a better bond between our teams and bridge gaps with the younger dancers.

We hope the camps continue to grow as they are always fun and exciting and give great opportunities to children.

Happy Half Term!


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