Dear Parents / Companies

Introduction: I am a Dance Academy Owner and fellow member of the educational team working within schools across Shropshire to provide structured lessons in sport.

I am writing to you because, like you, I want to see the students in our schools be made aware of certain situations that could be affecting them or others around them. We have an opportunity as leaders and role models, to help our students and encourage change. One of the main subjects being brought to attention is within this letter.

Together, with other local companies, The SEDA Academy is looking to make a stand against an issue which is causing more adolescent suicides within our country every year. We intend to do this with the aid of fellow schools and organisations to stand with us in this urgency for change.

We do not cover the topic of Bullying enough throughout the Academic Year and there is a growing rate within our Schools, reaching to ages younger than seven years old.

Students, parents, teachers combined, standing together in unity, in our communities, to provide a guide to safeguard our children.

Furthermore, the involvement of your school / organisation would be greatly appreciated.

We hope that you will stand with us and stand by your children to encourage this mass movement of change.

Kind regards,

Sophie Elizabeth Walters

Principal of Sophie Elizabeth Dance Academy



All that is asked;

Organise with us, a workshop consisting of 1 hour, twice a year.

The workshop is a play on words and will involve no speech other than the direction from the teacher. The play on the word “Beat” symbolizes Musicality, not physical violence.

During the first hour workshop, children, parents, colleagues, will learn Part 1 of the song, written and sang by Leondre Devries and Charlie Lenehan. Two young friends attending secondary school, experiencing severe bullying and writing about their troubles and performing to the nation on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014.

Our choreography stands strong in itself with the young boys voices singing their story.

For the hour, our instructor charge is £20 to cover time and travel to your location.

We would like to also offer you the option of being recorded as a community for a collaborative video featuring all schools and organisations choosing to support this cause. This would require a consent form for children to allow videography and photography.

Once both sessions have been completed, there will be a #beatthebullyflashmob organised for 2019. It could be at a local event or held at a much larger scale, i.e football stadium. Times and dates will be brought to you closer to the date. Unfamiliarity with the term “FlashMob” ; “a large public gathering at which people perform an unusual or seemingly random act and then disperse,”. This will include, we hope, hundreds of people. The more people to engage within your community would aid this massively.

We hope that what we are offering your stands at a height of importance as we all understand the need to protect our children and encourage others around us.


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