2019 + A Positive Start

Why us?

After completing my University Degree in London, it changed my entire perception of dance. Growing up, my sessions were tough in training with various schools, I always felt undervalued and was never good enough, even though I achieved high in competitions. There was too much negativity around my performances and constantly having to change my posture or execution of the movements because it was deemed as "wrong". After attending University with this attitude, I came across a lot of others like me, who lacked in confidence. But with the correct coaching and the history of dance and the "breaking of the norm", I fell in Love with the idea to move back and share what I had learnt with others.

The feedback I have had from parents has only been positive, including the repore I have with the students and yet achieve results with them because of their respect for my teaching methods. It is a gradual journey which should not be forced but to explore fully. Having a new outlook and mental attitude has really aided my passion and attention to important details.

What makes us different?

The impact on changing lives through a simple class. Once I have an understanding of a person within the Academy, I can deliver the correct training and support for that individual. We believe that individuality and uniqueness is key. Do not feel you have to change your views and beliefs due to other influences. There is nothing more satisfying than being "a friend" "a teacher" "a role model" "a mentor" "a counsellor". I do not turn up to lessons and blank out the person for their ability, their person is their talent and entire structure. Understand the person, understand the growth and allow them to move at their own pace. Not to be forced and disheartened with themselves. Every time I walk out from these lessons, I feel happy, strong and believe that the children and adults walk away from the lessons with a sense of fulfilment and achievement.

We offer a safe haven for children where they can come along, learn to dance, make friends and make them more confident as they are growing up. Our studio is different from others as it does not make children worry about exams or being the top performer in their field. Stress is something every child wants to eliminate from their lives as much as possible, our studio allows them to progress at their own learning ability.

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