Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

Well can you believe that our little family has been open for 2 years today!

We have all travelled along such an amazing journey and to see the improvements within the children is amazing.

As a teacher, I feel that my role is far more than just "teaching the children to dance". To me, it is just as important to be a role model, sister or friend, someone who would naturally encourage them in pursuing their dreams and aspirations.

Voltaire wrote, "Let us read and let us dance - two amusements that will never do any harm to the world." One of my favourite quotes relating to dance as I believe that there should be no disputes within the dance world. We understand that there are issues and problems between rivalry in dance schools, however, WE DO NOT TOLERATE IT! DANCE IS TO BE FUN - NOT UPSETTING.

Martha Graham, a contemporary dancer who "changed the norms of contemporary dance", created movements which she felt were more suitable to her ways of life and encouraged others to follow their own ideas. She wrote, "Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery." This is very important to me also, as I reflect on this for each dancer to be an individual but work together as a team. Always learning new lessons and new ways of moving the body, there are endless combinations.

Dancing is an art form and should be treated as such. It needs to be worked at gradually and the child or adult can be moulded into the dancer they believe they are. Not what others tell them to be. Dancers are strong athletes and how we train them is our choice, but our aims should be the same.

The children within our family have very different personalities , which is such a beautiful yet rare thing to find. They have all bonded with each other, across the board of classes and areas, encouraging each other and creating new friendship groups. Working together as a team and as a whole, watching them performing and competing alongside each other is the proudest achievement of my life!

I never dreamt that I would come this far in 2 years and I hope that WE ALL can involve others to our family and represent a safe, friendly community, where parents all support other parents, and children support each other within their teams.

I could not ask for a better family. They say in some terms, "you cannot choose your family". That is not always accurate..... I believe.... "But your family can choose you!"

I love every single one of you, parents too! Without you all, this family would not be what it is today!

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