1 Year Celebration

Well, it has been one year on and we have achieved so much within the Academy. Most recently, we staged our first performance at the Birchmeadow Centre in Broseley on Sunday the 4th of September to celebrate the hard work that the pupils have put in.

It has been an amazing turn out and have had the pleasure of meeting some talented, new faces.

The first show has opened up the prospects to future shows, one being around the Easter period and the final one of the year at Christmas. The idea of two shows is to include as many children within the performances and due to new sign ups every summer, it gives them the opportunity to perform in the Christmas Extravaganza.

"Dance like nobody's watching" was the first celebratory event to congratulate the children on their hard work and dedication. It is so pleasing to see that so many children have such motivation and determination to complete choreography and perform on stage for the first time.

The courage has strengthened them as not only dancers but individuals and will encourage them to maintain that self belief that they are great dancers.

Following the performance, the September term is in full swing after having our first week back and welcoming new eager children into the Academy.

The Academy is looking to find a new venue to enable further classes for over 10's. There has been a lot of interest in the older classes and also contemporary classes so we are pushing for venues to open up the opportunity.

For those reading this, please keep in mind any young dancers which may be interested in taking on an apprenticeship with the Academy, to open up classes for Miss Sophie and teach full term in the future.

Please keep an eye on the page for any new openings in both the Office Department, Teaching staff and Children's Classes.

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