The Academies 1st Competition!

Good morning everyone!

For those of you who may be new to the Academy or following our blog, this Sunday marks the start of a new sector for us.

As an Academy, we will be entering our first competition in West Brom! It will be an amazing opportunity for us all, including myself, who has ever entered these competitions with my own Company before. Many years ago I used to compete and it will be a great learning curve for all the dancers who are wanting to take part.

We all understand how important it is to understand the concept of taking part and building confidence within our younger ones. Sunday will be a day to remember and hopefully learn a lot from.

We all will get to see the incredible schools and talented children that are among the dance world and get to dance alongside them. The competition element for us at the moment, is just to enjoy and take part. It does not matter where we come in the awards, this is purely to start the children on a new journey through dance and to explore a different world.

It will be a long day for us all, however we will be supporting one another 100% and encouraging them to be who they are and to have fun with this experience.

Being positive to our students and giving positive feedback, builds their confidence and they may realise that the elements needing a little more confidence will come in time.

I wish all of my dancers the very best of luck on Sunday and that no matter what happens, they will always be shining stars in my eyes!


Lots of Love

Miss Sophie :) xx

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